93.33% Passing Rate for the Nursing Licensure Exam in July 2021

Dec 1, 2021

Nurses are some of the most valued people in our society. They provide healthcare and many other kinds of assistance to patients, individuals, and families. Inherent in their job description is a dedication to helping others which is crucial to what humanity holds dear. The medical industry is so complex that it simply would not be possible without dedication of nurses.

For this reason, the Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. is blessed and honored to be nurturers of future licensed nurses that will be of great service to local and international communities. Moreover, we are truly honored to have received a 93.33% passing rate for first time takers of the Nursing Licensure Exam held last July 2021.  The College of Nursing and the entire school is proud of all those who achieved their goal of becoming a license nurse.

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