Class Schedule AY 2019-2020
14th IMD BATCH 2018 
Section: D
Room: 3rd floor Amphi 3B
Time Monday Jan 7 Tuesday Jan 8 Wednesday Jan 9 Thursday  Jan 10 Friday  Jan 11 Saturday Jan 12
8 am - 10 am Dermatology Lecture Community & Family Med  Community & Family Med  Dermatology Lecture Dermatology Lecture Dermatology Lecture
  Nutritional Dermatoses and  CLINICAL ACTIVITY CLINICAL ACTIVITY Disease of the Hair and Nails EVALUATION EXAM  
  Dermatoses from Physical Factors       8:30-10:00  
          Cutaneous Manifestations of  Connective Tissue Diseases
          Systemic Diseases  
  Dr. Cauilan     Dr. Bunagan Dr. Alabado Dr. Serrano
10 am - 12 nn Community & Family Med  Community & Family Med  Community & Family Med  Community & Family Med  Community & Family Med   
1 pm - 3 pm Community & Family Med  Community & Family Med  Community & Family Med  Community & Family Med  Community & Family Med   
  Levels of Physician Involvement with Families Wellness, Health Promotion & Maintenance; Periodic Health Exam in Family Sustainable & Inclusive Development Emerging Diseases Anti-Smoking Program  
  Dr. Miyake Dr. R. Polestico Dr. Lindo Dr. M. Ababon Dr. Lopez  
3 pm - 5 pm           Community & Family Med 
            Dr. Miyake
5 pm - 7 pm   Legal Medicine Lecture Legal Medicine Lecture   Legal Medicine Lecture  
    5:30-8:00PM 5:30-8:00PM   5:30-8:00PM  
    1. The Practice of Medicine                           Medical Educational..                                 Physician Licensure                                                Laws Regulating the Practice...               1. Physician-patient Contractual Relationship Rights and Duties of a Physician  Rights and Duties of the Patient                                                     2. Informed Consent                                                Physician-Patient Privileged Communication   Administrative Liabilities of Physicians Civil Liabilities of Physicians Criminal liabilities Of Physicians  
    2. Acts Constituting the Practice of Medicine                                                                     Illegal Practice of Medicine                                Basic Bioethical Principles Jurisprudence on MedEduc... on
    “Illegal Practice of Medicine”
Physician-Patient Boundaries                   Termination of the Relationship                               Patient Abandonment                     Tips in Improving the Relationship                       Liabilities og hopitals Liabilities of hospitals for its Ancillary Services Damages  
    Atty. Panes Atty. Panes   Atty. Panes  
7 pm - 9 pm         Legal Medicine Lecture