Class Schedule AY 2018-2019
IMD Second Semester - July 8) - IMD 15TH-A
Time Monday- October 14 Tuesday - October 15 Wednesday- October 16 Thursday-October 17 Friday - October 18 Saturday- October 19
8 am - 10 am Surgery Internal Medicine Surgery Internal Medicine   Internal Medicine
      Approach to patient with   Make up class
  TOPIC 19: THE BREAST Liver Cirrhosis and it's EVALUATION 7: TOPICS 18, 19 Endocrine Disorders   Disorders of the Anterior
    Complications   Mechanisms of Hormone action   Pituitary and Neurohypophysis
  DR. H. Acosta Dr. Lasala DR.N. BATUCAN Dr. May Uyking-Naranjo   Dr. Ho
10 am - 12 nn Med. Ethics       Community Medicine Rehab. Med. (10-11am)
  Group 8      
  Dealing with medical errors     LIFESTYLE COUNSELLING AND CPIC
  sentinel events     CHANGING BEHAVIOUR  
  Atty. Panes       DR. SALUMBIDES Dr. Aportadera
1 pm - 3 pm Ob-Gyn 3 Pediatrics 3 Ob-Gyn 3 Pediatrics 3 Community Medicine NS 3(Psychiatry) 1 - 2:30 pm
  Chap. 13: Chap 30: Neoplastic Diseases   Make up class  
  Family Planning Neurologic Disease of the Vulva Dermatologic Diseases  
    in Children Chap 31: Malignant Diseases of in Children CARE FOR THE ELDERLY Psychotherapy: Adult and
    Part II the Vagina Part I Child
  Dr. F. Ababon Dr. Agbisit Dr. G. Madis Dr. Ma. Serano DR. EVELYN LAO Dr. A. Padilla
3 pm - 5 pm Clinical Instruction(3:00 7:00) Clinical Instruction(3:00 7:00) Clinical Instruction(3:00 7:00) ENT (3:30-5:00pm) Radiology NS 3 (Psychiatry)2:30-5 pm
        Third Evals Genitourinary Imaging Psychopharmacology:
            Adult and Child
        Dr. J. Gabriel de Borja Dr. Lacanilao Dr. K. Obed
5 pm - 7 pm       ENT (5:00-6:30pm) Dermatology  
        Tonsils and Diseases Benign proliferations of  
          the skin  
        Dr. J. Gabriel de Borja Dr. Serrano  
7 pm- 9 pm       Community Medicine (7-8pm) Dermatology  
          Make up class  
        Evaluation Examination Nutritional dermatoses and  
          Dermatoses From Physical  
        Dr. Miyake Dr. Cauilan