Class Schedule AY 2018-19
17th IMD January 2019
Section: B
First Semester 13
Time Monday - Apl 22 Tuesday - Apl 23 Wednesday - Apl 24 Thursday - Apl 25 Friday - Apl 26 Saturday - Apl 27
8 am - 10 am     G Path Lec (8:30AM-10AM) G Path Lec (8:30AM-10AM) G. Path Lec (8:00AM-9:30AM) Micro Lec 8-9am
    Environmental &  Environmental &  Diseases of Infancy  Microbial Agents of 
  Midterm Midterm Nutritional Pathology 1 Nutritional Pathology 2 & Childhood 1 GIT Infections 3
    Make Up Class from 4/23/19    
      Dr. Ancheta Dr. Ancheta Dr. Bernas Dr. Bandalan
10 am - 12 nn       Micro Lec G. Path Lab  
      Microbial Agents of  Neoplasia  
  Midterm Midterm   GIT Infections 2  
      Drs. Ancheta, Padilla  
        Dr Bandalan Vergara, Bernas, Uy  
1 pm - 3 pm     Micro Lec Pharma Lec (1:00PM-2:30PM) Res 2   
  Midterm Midterm Microbial Agents of  PENICILLINS/CEPHALOSPORINS Critical Appraisal - Diagnostic Study  
      GIT Infections 1    
      Dr Bandalan Dr. Tagle Dr. De Guzman  
3 pm - 5 pm       Pharma Lec (3:00PM-4:30PM) C Path ASM 2 Lab
  Midterm Midterm    INHIBITORS  Transfusion Medicine History Taking 
        Dr. Derecho Dr. Ong All Preceptors
5 pm - 7 pm     ASM 2 Lab G Path Lab NS 2 (5:00PM-6:30PM)  
    PRACTICAL EVALS: Neoplasia Developmental Diseases of the Nervous System  
      Examination of the Eye  
  Midterm Midterm Drs.T. Ababon, Abundo JD.,   
      Bandolon, Baunding, Bolcan,   
    Buhay, Butt, Dillera, Platero  
      Juruena, Lorejo, Quianzon Drs. Ancheta, Padilla  
      Padilla M.C, Sermon Vergara, Bernas, Uy Dr. Gilda Fernandez  
7 pm - 9 pm       Pharma Lab NS 2 (6:30PM-8:00PM) Micro Lab
  Midterm Midterm   Infection Case Study Discussion   Typhoid Assay
        Drs. De Guzman, Buhay   Drs. Salaver, Castro,
        Segocio, Pastrana, Abundo Maya    Lagura,Fedoc, Dalandag, Clarion