Class Schedule AY 2018-19
20th IMD January 2018 
Section: C
Room: Ana Lec Hall
First Semester
Time Monday - Jan. 21 Tuesday -  Jan. 22 Wednesday -  Jan. 23 Thursday -  Jan. 24 Friday -  Jan. 25 Saturday - Jan. 26
8 am - 10 am BIOCHEM LEC          
  Orientation and  Introduction to      
  Biochemistry & Medicine      
  Dr. De Chaves          
10 am - 12 nn BIOCHEM LEC Physio Lec   G. Anatomy Lec   Histo Lec
  Water & PH Introduction/Foundations   Basic Anatomy 1   Orientation/ Chapter 1
    of Physiology      
  Dr.Corporal Dr. Miyake   Dr. Ababon    Dr. Salaver/Bandalan
1 pm - 3 pm   G. ANA LEC   ASM 1 Physio Lec  
    General Orientation / Overview    Orientation / Overview    
    of the course   of the Course    
    Dr. Ababon    Dr. Hernandez    
3 pm - 5 pm     SDL RESearch 1 Physio Lec  
        Introduction to research    
      what is research, scope of research Lec. #2A Cell Physiology  
        purpose of research - Use of research [Functional Organization   
        Criteria of goodd research ,  of the Cell] Part I  
        research problem    
        Mr. Lindom  Dr. Miyake  
5 pm - 7 pm BIOCHEM LAB(5-9pm)   HISTO LAB PHC PHYSIO Lab G. ANA LAB (5:30-8:00pm)
          Laboratory Orientation  
  Orientation and Case/     Session 1: [Introductions] Demo of Instrument use; Cleaning 
  Learning Objectives   Orientation/ Chapter 1 Course Orientation/ Overview Lab. Policies / Lab. Instruments of Cadavers;  Study of 
  Distribution       Grouping Assignments Vertebral Spine
  Drs. Laurente, G. Beley, G. Corporal    Drs. Maramion, Lagura, enumerables   Drs. Miyake,Polestico Drs. Ababon, Pizarro, De chavez
  M. De Guzman, N. De Chaves   Menor, Clarion Ms. Poloyapoy Sermon, Rubiato, Narisma Artes, Harun
7 pm - 9 pm   SDL   G. Anatomy Lab (7 - 9:30) PHYSIO Lab  
      Orientation: Topics, Lecturers,  SGD &  
      Methods, References, Research  
      Computation of Grades    
      Drs. Ababon, Pizarro, De chavez Drs. Miyake,Polestico  
        Artes, Harun Sermon, Rubiato, Narisma