Class Schedule AY 2018-19
20th IMD January 2018
Section: C
Room: Ana Lec Hall
First Semester
Time Monday - Feb 18 Tuesday - Feb 19 Wednesday - Feb 20 Thursday - Feb 21 Friday - Feb 22 Saturday - Feb 23
8 am - 10 am BIOCHEM LEC BIOCHEM LEC       G. ANA LAB (7:30 - 10AM)
  Gluconeogenesis & Pentose (MAKE-UP CLASS)       MOVING EXAM
  Phosphate Pathway & Other .Glycoprotein       (make up class)
  Pathways of Hexose          
            Drs. Ababon, Pizarro, De Chavez
  Dr. Beley Dr. N. De Chaves       Artes, Harun
10 am - 12 nn BIOCHEM LEC BIOCHEM LEC   G. Anatomy Lec   Histo Lec
  Glycolysis (MAKE-UP CLASS)       Glandular Epithelium
    Membrane Structure &   EVALUATION EXAMS: Basic Embryology;    
    Function   Embryonic & Fetal Period    
      Drs. Ababon, Pizarro, De Chavez    
  Dr. Beley Dr. Corporal   Artes, Harun   Dr. Salaver/Bandalan
1 pm - 3 pm   G. ANA LEC   ASM 1 Physio Lec  
    Embryonic & Fetal Period   Communication Skills 2 Lec. #3 on Neuro-Physiology  
          Synaptic transmission &  
          the Neuromuscular Junction]  
    Dr. M. Artes   Dr. A. Bretana Dr. Sermon  
3 pm - 5 pm     SDL RESearch 1 Physio Lec  
        How to write up research proposal Lec.#1 on Nervous System  
          Methodology Physiology [Organization of the  
        Research design Nervous System; Neuronal  
        (Observational) Microenvironment]  
        Mr. Lindo Dr. Miyake  
5 pm - 7 pm BIOCHEM LAB(5-9pm)   HISTO LAB PHC PHYSIO Lab G. ANA LAB (5:30-8:00pm)
  2nd Evaluation     Session 5: SGD on Neurophysiology Dissection of Breast and
    Glandular Epithelium Health and Wellness   Pectoral Region
  Drs. Laurente, G. Beley, G. Corporal   Drs. Maramion, Lagura, enumerables   Drs. Miyake , Polestico,Rubiato Drs. Ababon, Pizarro, De Chavez
  M. De Guzman, N. Dechaves   Menor, Clarion Ms. Polapoy Sermon, Narisma Artes, Harun
7 pm - 9 pm   SDL   G. Anatomy Lab (7 - 9:30) PHYSIO Lab  
        Evaluation Exam on  
      Osteology of Thoracic Wall Neurophysiology  
        [Lecs. #1 3]  
      Drs. Ababon, Pizarro, De Chavez Drs. Miyake , Polestico,Rubiato  
        Artes, Harun Sermon, Narisma