Class Schedule AY 2018-19
20th IMD January 2018 
Section: C
Room: Ana Lec Hall
First Semester
Time Monday - Mar 25 Tuesday - Mar 26 Wednesday - Mar 27 Thursday - Mar 28 Friday - Mar 29 Saturday - Mar 30
8 am - 10 am BIOCHEM LEC         G. ANA LAB (7:30-10AM)
        Moving Exam:
  FA Synthesis     Breast, Thoracic Wall
        and Cavity
        (make up class)
        Drs. Ababon, Pizarro, De Chavez
  Dr. N. De Chavez         Artes, Harun 
10 am - 12 nn BIOCHEM LEC     G. Anatomy Lec   Histo Lec
        Veins of the Head and Neck;  Neck;     
  FA Oxidation     Lymph Drainage of Head and   Nervous System
        Viscera of the Neck    
  Dr. M. De Guzman     DR. R. Bakino   Dr. Salaver/Bandalan
1 pm - 3 pm   G. ANA LEC   ASM 1 Physio Lec  
      Exercise Physiology  
    Neck: Triangles; Carotid Artery   Professional Ethics & Sports Science  
    DR. R. Bakino   Fr. M. Perez Dr. Narisma  
3 pm - 5 pm     SDL RESearch 1 Physio Lec  
        Descriptive statistics    
        Measures on centrality  Lec. #2 on Muscle   
        and dispersion Presentation  Physiology  
        of data [Smooth]  
        Mr. Lindo  Dr. Polestico  
5 pm - 7 pm BIOCHEM LAB(5-9pm)   HISTO LAB PHC PHYSIO Lab G. ANA LAB (5:30-8:00pm)
    Nervous System Session 9:  SGD #1 on Muscle  Review of Thorax; Skinning of Neck; 
      PHC Strategies for Change with  Physiology;   
  4th Evaluation Exam     Emphasis on Communication    
  Drs. Laurente, G. Beley, G. Corporal    Drs. Maramion, Lagura, enumerables Drs. Miayke,Polestico, Rubiato Drs. Ababon, Pizarro, De Chavez
  M. De Guzman, N. Dechaves   Menor, Clarion Ms. Polayapoy Sermon, Narisma Artes, Harun 
7 pm - 9 pm   SDL   G. Anatomy Lab (7 - 9:30) PHYSIO Lab  
        Evaluation Exam on  
      Dissection of Pericardium, Heart,  Special Senses  
      Great vessel, Recurrent laryngeal  [Lecs. # 1 & 2] & Sports   
      nerves, Ligamentum arteriosum Physiology  
      Drs. Ababon, Pizarro, De Chavez Drs. Miayke,Polestico, Rubiato  
        Artes, Harun  Sermon, Narisma