Class Schedule AY 2018-2019
NMD (Second Semester - Jan 21, 2019) 
Sec A NMD Batch 2022 - 1st Year, 2nd Semester AY 2018-2019
Room: 5th floor New Building - TLC 5A)
Time Monday - Jan. 28 Tuesday - Jan. 29 Wednesday - Jan. 30 Thursday - Jan. 31 Friday - Feb. 1
7 am - 8 am Histology Lec   Neuo-Anatomy Physiology Lec Anatomy Lec
      Evaluation Exam #1  
      [on Immuno.&Blood] Evaluation Exam
        (A) Drs. Arendain, Ayco, Castro, Derecho  
        Rubiato, Salumbides, & Sermon  
  Anatomy Lec Physiology Lec Biochemistry Lab Physiology Lec Anatomy Lec
    Lec. on Special ENVIRONMENTS      
  Esophagus, Stomach [HIGH-ALTITUDE,  FLIGHT,     Accessory organs of GIT
  Small intestine, Large intestine  SPACE & DEEP-SEA DIVING  SGD 1   Liver, Gall bladder
    PHYSIOLOGY] [Chap.61]     Pancreas, Spleen
  Dr. R. Lu Dr. Miyake   Dr. Nobleza Dr. Alalong
10 am - 12 nn Histology Lec Biochemistry Lec   Biochemistry Lec Neuro-Anatomy Lab (10-11:30 am)
  SDL Intestinal/ Pancreatic Drs. Amor, Baunding, Bretaña, Amino Acids & Peptides Embryology of the Nervous System
    Digestion Carin, Corporal, N. Dechaves,     
    Gamboa, Lumanlan, Malintad,     
    H. Segocio, A. Padilla,    Drs. Alalong, JN Del Rosario,
    Dr. E. Olavides Ramchandani, and D. Santos  Dr. E. Olavides Obed, Taasan, & Peligro
1 pm - 3 pm Anatomy Lab (1-3:30 pm) Physiology Lab Histology Lec Anatomy Lab (1-3:30 pm)  
    Make up Class   SDL
  MOVING EXAM: Continuation… Digestive System I-Part I Opening up of the Abdominal cavity;   
  Anterior  Sec. A (Chapter 16) tracing of peritoneum;   
  Abdominal Wall Title Defense  Oral Cavity & Associated Examination of general   
    Of Research Proposal Structures arrangement of GIT  
  Drs. Valdez, Jr., Tupas, Peligro     Drs. Valdez, Jr., Tupas, Peligro  
  Alalong, and Taasan Secure Ethics Approval Dr. Salaver Alalong, and Taasan  
3 pm - 5 pm Histology Lab (3:30-5:30 pm)     Neuro-Anatomy Lec (3:30-5:00 pm)  
    Ex. 11 PhySioEx on Blood Analysis SDL   SDL
  Blood II (Chapter 10)   Embryology of the Nervous System  
  Drs. Vergara, Padilla, Menor Drs. Arendain, Ayco, Castro, Derecho      
  Maramion, and Bruzon Rubiato, Salumbides, & Sermon   Dr. G. Agbisit