Class Schedule AY 2018-2019
NMD First Year - BATCH 2022
First Semester
Time Monday - Aug. 20 Tuesday - Aug. 21 Wednesday - Aug. 22 Thursday - Aug. 23 Friday - Aug. 24 Saturday - Aug. 25
7:00-8:00 am Histology Lec   Research Lec Physio. EVALS#2 Gross Anatomy  
  (7:00-8:00 am)   (7:00-8:00 am) on Lec.#3&4 (7:00-8:00 am)  
  Holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day) Evaluation Exam Proctors: Sec.B Fac. Evaluation Exam  
  Make up Class          
8 am - 10 am Biochemistry Lec Histology Lec Biochemistry Lec Arts and Science of Medicine Physiology Prac.  
        (8:00-12:00 nn)  
  Make up Class Holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day) Respiratory Chain and Professionalism 1 Case Discussion  
    Oxidative Phosphorylation on Cell Topic  
      TBL #1 on Cell Physio.  
      Topic: PNH  
      Dr. De Guzman Dr. Hernandez PhysioEx on Cell Transport  
10 am - 12 nn Physiology Lec Anatomy Lec Physiology Lec Anatomy Lec & Permeability [Acts. 1 5]  
      Research Consultation  
  Make up Class Holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day) Lec. #5 Cell Physiology    
    [Transport of Solutes PhysioEx Exams1  
    & Water] Drs. Arendain, Miyake, Derecho  
      Dr. C. Derecho   Polestico, Rubiato, & Emphasis  
1 pm - 3 pm   Anatomy Prac. (1:00-3:30 PM) Biochemsitry Prac. Research 1    
    (1:00-5:00 pm) How to write up research proposal    
      Chapter 1 SDL  
  Make up Class Holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day)   Objective of the study    
    1st Evaluation Exam Hypothesis testing    
      Significance of the study    
        Mr. Lindo    
3 pm - 5 pm Primary Health Care Histology Prac. (3:30 - 5:30 PM)     Anatomy Prac. (3:30-6:00 pm)  
      Moving Exam:  
  Make up Class   Back and Spine  
    Holiday (Ninoy Aquino Day)      
    Drs. Vergara, Padilla, Menor   Drs. Peligro, Tupas, Valdez, Lu,  
    Maramion, and Bruzon     Redoble, and Obed  
5 pm - 7 pm