Class Schedule AY 2018-19
IMD First Semester - June 25, 2018)  - 2nd Year Special Class
Room: 3A MTRC Building (Old) 3
Time Monday - July 9 Tuesday - July 10 Wednesday - July 11 Thursday - July 12 Friday - July 13 Saturday - July 14  
8:00 am - 10:00 am Pharma Lab Pharma Lec   Pharma Lec ASM Lab Gen. Path. Lec  
  TBL Session: Membrane Transporters &   Drug Toxicity & Poisoning Practical Evals: Clinical  Inflammation and repair 4  
  Routes of Administration Drug Response   History Writing & ward    
        Progress notes    
        Drs. Ayco, Beley, Buhay, Harun,    
      K. Castro, R. Castro, Raquid    
  Drs. G. Tupas, Corporal, Sermon   De Guzman, Dillera, Lanaban    
  Derecho , & De Guzman Dr. De Guzman   Dr. G. Sermon Padilla, Sermon, & Sanchez Dr. Lagura  
10:00 am - 12:00 nn ASM Lec Research 2 Gen. Path. Lab   Gen. Path. Lab Micro/Para Lec  
  Lecture & Demo: Clinical  Measures of Disease     Basic Bacteriology  
  History Writing & ward Occurence Necrosis   Acute inflammation    
    Drs. Bruzon, Lagura, Fedoc, Drs. Bruzon, Lagura, Fedoc,    
  Dr. Beley/Dr. Castro Dr. Fabian Dalandag, & K. Bretaņa   Dalandag, & K. Bretaņa Dr. Bandalan  
1 :00pm - 3:00 pm Micro/Para Lab Micro/Para Lab     Gen. Path. Lec Gen. Path. Lec  
  Bacterial morphology and GS 1 Prelab on skin testing   Inflammation and repair 3 Hemodynamic Disorders 1  
  Drs. K. Castro, Dalandag, Fedoc Drs. K. Castro, Dalandag, Fedoc          
  Lagura & Salaver Lagura & Salaver     Dr. Lagura Dr. Bruzon  
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Micro/Para Lec Micro/Para Lec          
  Applied Immunology Host Parasite Interaction          
  Dr. Bandalan Dr. Salaver          
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Neuroscience (5:00-6:30 pm) Neuroscience (5:00-6:30 pm)       Clin. Path.  
  Assessment & Exam: Motor  Disturbance of the CSF        Blood Collection/  
  and Sensory System Circulation       Venipuncture 2  
          Drs. Padilla, Vergara, Bernas  
  Dr. E. Ong Dr. E. Ong       and Ancheta