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DMSF Distinguished Alumni: Actualizing the Founders’ Vision


DMSF Distinguished Alumni: Actualizing the Founders’ Vision            

For 36 years, the Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. has produced almost 3,320 graduates, who are serving the rural and urban areas of the country particularly in Mindanao, in the field of health, education, research and public service. This has been the Vision and Mission of the DMSF and has resulted to improve health situations of the rural and urban communities in the country.

Tracking down the whereabouts of these DMSF Alumni led in discovering heartwarming and truly inspirational life stories, bringing to life the core values of DMSF. To formally recognize the contributions of these alumni members to the community, the Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc., in cooperation with the Alumni and External Relations Office, had launched its first Search for Outstanding Alumni. It was officially announced during a presscon in February 2012 and nominations came in until its deadline in May. With the Search Screening Committee, nominations were screened and shortlisted according to the general criteria set for the Search – leadership, service orientation, impact and integrity. From which, a panel of judges will choose deserving alumni for the four award categories: (a) Distinguished Alumni for Community Service; (b) Distinguished Alumni for Clinical Practice; (c) Distinguished Alumni for Medical Education and Research; and (d) Early Career Achievement Award for those who have graduated within 15 years of the award presentation and have made significant and outstanding contributions in the field of health.

Then, it came out the nine exceptional nominees, who had conquered unique milestones and achievements, remarkably deserving of recognition from their Alma Mater and from the community. The final nominees were: Dr. Abdullah B. Dumama, Jr.(DOH – CHD XI Regional Director), Dr. Darleen S.J. Estuart (OB-GYNE and Head of the Brokenshire Women Center), Dr. Jean Suzanne A. Lindo (Anesthesiologist and known women’s rights advocate and environmentalist), Dr. Parkash T. Mansukhani (Pulmonologist and Regional Coordinator of Philippine Coalition Against Tuberculosis (PhilCAT), Dr. Richard T. Mata (Pediatrician and CEO/Software Developer of Easy Clinic Software), Dr. Maria Lourdes G. Monteverde (OB-GYNE and President of Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Inc.), Dr. Adriano P. Suba-an (DOH – CHD - NCR – Assistant Regional Director), Dr. Norberto M. Teodoro (President of Mati Doctors College), and Dr. Josephine J. Villafuerte (Head, City Health Office of Davao City). All of the nominees were given plaques in recognition of their individual achievements.

To gather more information beyond what was submitted in the nomination forms, field visits were done by the Search Committee. Focus group discussions and key informant interviews were conducted among the peers, immediate supervisors and communities. To capture personal accounts of inspirations, the nine finalists were given the opportunity to share their visions and stories with the members of the panel of judges. After the field validation and the dialogue with the judges, all the nine nominees’ works were categorized under the Community Service Award.

The awarding of the Search for Outstanding Alumni was in time for the 3rd Annual Alumni Homecoming last August 4, 2012 at the Grand Regal Hotel - this is one of the highlights in the celebration of the 36th Founding Anniversary of the Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. It was a tough job for the judges to thoroughly go through each nomination, searching for the core values of DMSF, which is FIRE – Faith in God, Integrity, Respect and Excellence.

Finally, four Distinguished Alumni Awardees on Community Service were selected and these were: Dr. Abdullah B. Dumama, Jr. for Transformational Governance in Public Health; Dr. Maria Lourdes G. Monteverde for Visionary Leadership for Local, National and Global Competitiveness; Dr. Adriano P. Suba-an for Empowering Women, Families and Communities for Health and Development; and Dr. Norberto M. Teodoro for Creating Education Opportunities for Indigenous People and the Marginalized.

The four distinguished awardees were given plaques of recognition and their names will be enshrined on a wall of fame to be mounted within the DMSF campus.

The nine inspirational life stories will be captured in a coffee table book – serving as a good material for motivating and encouraging students and other alumni members.

This being the first has allowed the school to open greater possibilities of recognizing exemplary works of its alumni and other stakeholders.

DMSF will continue the passion to produce, nurture and develop medical professionals serving in the light of the Founders’ vision.


1. With the member of the BOT and the panel of judges, standing proud with their plaques are this year’s Distinguished Alumni Awards.

2. The Distinguished Alumni Awardees 2012.




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