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Call For Papers


The Health Sciences Mindanao Journal, the official journal of the Davao Medical School Foundation Inc., is now accepting manuscripts for its maiden publication under a new name.

Topics will cover all medical and health science disciplines such as pre-clinical and clinical studies, case reports, communication about methods and research designs, health services and economics, public health, medical education and practice.

Author Guidelines

1. The manuscript has not been previously published, nor is it submitted in another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Cover Letter).

2. The manuscript is correctly formatted, as described below.

  2.1. Only online submissions (with file formats Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or in RTF document) will be processed.

  2.2. Must include a concise Cover Letter explaining the impact and salient features of the article

  2.3. Main article file should be in this order:

     2.3.1. Full title and a short running title of less than 40 characters (should not contain abbreviations)

     2.3.2. The full names and email addresses of ALL authors, their institutional affiliations, and contribution to the work

     2.3.3. Acknowledgments and funding

     2.3.4. Conflict of interest statement

     2.3.5. Abstract must be 300 words or less. Original research articles must have an extended structured abstract with Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results, and Conclusion.

     2.3.6. For Keywords, please refer to NLM Medial Subject Headings (MeSH), or established indexing systems (e.g. PubMed).

     2.3.7. Main text (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendation)

  All studies involving humans should include an ethics statement identifying the Ethics Committee that approved the protocol

  All studies involving animals should include Animal Care and Use statement, identifying the IACUC that approved the protocol

     2.3.8. References should follow the Vancouver format

     2.3.9. Tables with complete with title and footnotes should be placed at the end the manuscript

     2.3.10. Should contain no more than 3 tables and/or 3 figures

     2.3.11. Figures should be in a separate file

     2.3.12. Appendices (if relevant)

     2.3.13. Limit of Words

  Original research articles and reviews should have maximum of 3,000 words and should include references, not to exceed 30.

  Case studies and letters should have maximum of 1,200 words and should include references, not to exceed 20.

  Conference summaries and announcements should have maximum of 500 words.

3. General Style Points

   3.1. The text should be in Arial font, 12, double-spaced, with line numbers.

   3.2. For abbreviations, spell out meaning when first used, followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis. Henceforth, use the abbreviation only.

   3.3. Use only SI or SI-derived units

   3.4. Numbers less than 10 are spelled out, except for measurement, age, and lists with other number

   3.5. Do not use trade names.

   3.6. Authors must abide by the relevant standards:

      3.6.1. CONSORT for reporting randomized controlled trials,

      3.6.2. PRISMA for systematic reviews and meta-analyses,

      3.6.3. STROBE for observational studies,

      3.6.4. COREQ for qualitative studies,

      3.6.5. STARD for reporting diagnostic tests,

      3.6.6. the EQUATOR Network, or

      3.6.7. ARRIVE guidelines.

For submission, kindly submit your manuscripts at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Deadline is on October 30, 2018.


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