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Library Policy


1. Always present your school ID upon entering the Library and when using library services and facilities. IDs are non - transferable.

2. Observe silence inside the library premises.
3. Extra bags should be deposited to the baggage counter before entering the library. Do not place your extra belongings on the chairs or tables, as these are provided only to those library users.
4. Students should not leave their valuables, such as cellphones, cash, etc., unattended. The library staff will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged.
5. Tables are provided for reading and writing. Borrow books that re only needed and make sure these are not cluttered on the table.
6. Appropriate attire should be observed inside the Library. Wearing of slippers, sandos, shorts, and other inappropriate clothings are not allowed.
7. Library users should observe cleanliness inside the library area. Make sure chairs are arranged and tables are free from study notes and books before leaving. Vandalism on tables, chairs and on any other library properties are highly prohibited. Appropriate sansction will be given to the violators.
8. Borrowed books should be taken care of. Lost books have to be replaced with the exact copy and/ or with its latest edition. Replacement of books may be paid in cash basis, equivalent to its latest edition price.
9. Any damage on the borrowed materials will be charged to the borrower.
10. Periodical materials, such as journals, magazines and newspapers, are for library use only.
11. Books in the GENERAL CIRCULATION SECTION are for three days of use. They ca be checked out from the library anytime during the library hours.
12. Borrowed materials can be renewed only twice, provided that the same material is not being reserved for borrowing by the other users.
13. Students are allowed to borrow five books at maximum – two (2) from the Reserved Section and three (3) from the General Circulation Section.
14. Borrowed materials should be returned on time. Fines will be collected from the borrowers if they return the materials beyond its due dates and times. One Peso (1.00 Php) per hour on every reserved book borrowed; one peso (1.00 Php) per day on every circulation book borrowed; and twenty pesos (20.00 Php) per Audiovisual material borrowed.

Note: Library users violating such rules and regulations will be given first and second warning. After which, violators will be forfeited from borrowing library materials thereon.


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