Class Schedule AY 2020-2021
NMD Second Year - BATCH 2023
First Semester 
Sec  B  1
Time Monday -  August 17 Tuesday -  August 18 Wednesday - August 19 Thursday -  August 20 Friday -  August 21 Saturday - August 22
      Pharma Lec Evals      
      Evaluation Exam   Holiday  
      All Faculty   (Ninoy Aquino Day)  
8 am - 10 am Micro/Para Lab Micro/Para Lec (8:00-9:00 am) Gen. Path. Lec (8-9:30 am) Micro/Para Lab Gen. Path. Lec (8-9:30 am)  
  Orientation SDL The Cell Methods of Sterilization Holiday Protected Time
  Drs. Ancheta, Bandalan, Bruzon moved to 5-6pm   Drs. Ancheta, Bandalan, Bruzon (Ninoy Aquino Day)  
  K. Castro, Maramion, Panes,      K. Castro, Maramion, Panes,     
  Salaver, and Villaroya   Dr. Grageda Salaver, and Villaroya    
10 am - 12 nn Micro/Para Lec (10:00-12:00nn) Gen. Path. Lec (10:00-11:30 AM) Gen. Path. Lab. Micro/Para Lec (10:00-12:00NN) Gen. Path. Lab. Clinical Pathology
  Orientation Orientation/ The Cell Orientation Host-Parasite Interaction (Ninoy Aquino Day) Orientation/ 
      Drs. Maramion,  1 Drs. Maramion,  Laboratory Medicine 
      Vergara, JP Padilla, Bernas,    Vergara, JP Padilla, Bernas,  and application
  Dr. Bandalan Dr. Grageda J. Ancheta, & Villaroya Dr. Bruzon J. Ancheta, & Villaroya Dr. JP Padilla
1 pm - 3 pm Pharmacology Lec (1-2:30 pm) Research 2 Pharmacology Lec (1-2:30 pm) ASM 2 Lec ASM 2 Lab ASM 2 Lab
  ORIENTATION; Drug Invention &      Topic 1: Lecture:  Introduction to    Make up class
  Pharmaceutical Industry, Introduction Pharmacokinetics 1 ASM 2 and the Comprehensive  Holiday Lab: Practical Evals: The 
  Introduction to Pharmacogenetics     Health History and P.E. (Ninoy Aquino Day) Comprehensive Health 
  Dr. Tagle/Dr. G.  Tupas Dr. Fabian Dr. Sermon/Dr. Tagle Dr. Sermon/Dr. Buhay   All Preceptors
3 pm - 5 pm     Neuroscience 2 (3:00-4:30 pm) Pharmacology Lab (3:00-5:00PM) Neuroscience 2 (3:00-4:30 pm)  
        General Orientation    
      Mental Status Examination Laboratory Practices Groupings Holiday  
        and Research Orientation, etc.    
  SDL SDL   Drs. Tagle, G. Tupas, Sermon, (Ninoy Aquino Day) SDL
  Protected Time Protected Time De Guzman, Corporal, Robiso,    Protected Time
        Pizarro, Buhay, Platero, Quianzon    
      Dr. Floresca, Jr. Pastrana, & J. Remedios    
5pm-6pm   Micro/Para Lec (8:00-9:00 am)     ASM  
    Introduction to Microbiology     (Ninoy Aquino Day)  
    Dr. Salaver        
1. No rescheduling of classes; provide back up lecturer
2. Rescheduling of classes is not allowed unless approved by MEU Office
3. Class schedule may change without prior notice