Class Schedule AY 2020-2021
NMD Second Year - BATCH 2023
First Semester 
Sec  B  7
Time Monday -  September 28 Tuesday -  September 29 Wednesday - September 30 Thursday -  October 1 Friday -  October 2 Saturday - October 3
      Pharma Lec Evals      
      Evaluation Exam      
      All Faculty      
8 am - 10 am Micro/Para Lab Micro/Para Lec (8:00-9:00 am) Gen. Path. Lec (8-9:30 am) Micro/Para Lab Gen. Path. Lec (8-9:30 am)  
  Mycology 1 Basic Mycology 2 Diseases of Immunity 1 Mycology 2 Diseases of Immunity 1 Protected Time
  Drs. Ancheta, Bandalan, Bruzon     Drs. Ancheta, Bandalan, Bruzon    
  K. Castro, Maramion, Panes,      K. Castro, Maramion, Panes,     
  Salaver, and Villaroya DR. Salaver Dr. Maramion Salaver, and Villaroya Dr. Maramion  
10 am - 12 nn Micro/Para Lec (10:00-12:00nn) Gen. Path. Lec (10:00-11:30 AM) Gen. Path. Lab. Micro/Para Lec (10:00-12:00NN) Gen. Path. Lab. Clinical Pathology
  Basic Mycology 1 Genetic Disorders 2 Chronic Inf and Repair 1 Basic Mycology 3 Chronic Inf and Repair 2 Hemoglobin and 
      Drs. Maramion,    Drs. Maramion,  Hematocrit
      Vergara, JP Padilla, Bernas,    Vergara, JP Padilla, Bernas,   
  Dr. Salaver Dr. J. Ancheta J. Ancheta, & Villaroya Dr. Salaver J. Ancheta, & Villaroya Dr. Vergara
1 pm - 3 pm Pharmacology Lec (1-2:30 pm) Research 2 Pharmacology Lec (1-2:30 pm) ASM 2 Lec ASM 2 Lab  
  Neurotransmission: ANS & SNS Analysis of Study Designs Muscarinic Receptors Agonists &  Topic 5: Lecture and Demo: MMSE Practical Evals: MMSE Protected Time
  Dr. Corporal/Dr. Lumanlan Mr. Lindo Dr. Lumanlan/Dr. Corporal Dr. A. Padilla/ Dr. K. Castro All Preceptors  
3 pm - 5 pm     Neuroscience 2 (3:00-4:30 pm) Pharmacology Lab (3:00-5:00PM) Neuroscience 2 (3:00-4:30 pm)  
        Case Distribution & Discussion    
      Disturbances of the Cerebrospinal of Learning Objectives on  Infections of the Nervous   
       Fluid  Poisoning; Research..etc. System  
  SDL SDL   Drs. Tagle, G. Tupas, Sermon,   SDL
  Protected Time Protected Time   De Guzman, Corporal, Robiso,    Protected Time
        Pizarro, Buhay, Platero, Quianzon    
      Dr. M. Anuta Pastrana, & J. Remedios Dr. M. Anuta  
1. No rescheduling of classes; provide back up lecturer
2. Rescheduling of classes is not allowed unless approved by MEU Office
3. Class schedule may change without prior notice