Class Schedule AY 2020-2021
NMD Second Year - BATCH 2023
First Semester 
Sec  B  10
Time Monday -  October 19 Tuesday -  October 20 Wednesday - October 21 Thursday -  October 22 Friday -  October 23 Saturday - October 24
      Pharma Lec Evals      
      Evaluation Exam      
      All Faculty      
8 am - 10 am Micro/Para Lab Micro/Para Lec (8:00-9:00 am) Gen. Path. Lec (8-9:30 am) Micro/Para Lab Gen. Path. Lec (8-9:30 am)  
        Infection Control in the   SDL
  TBL Microbial Diseases of the CNS Neoplasia 2 Hospital Setting Neoplasia 2 Protected Time
  Drs. Ancheta, Bandalan, Bruzon 3   Drs. Ancheta, Bandalan, Bruzon    
  K. Castro, Maramion, Panes,      K. Castro, Maramion, Panes,     
  Salaver, and Villaroya Dr. Ancheta Dr. Bernas Salaver, and Villaroya Dr. Bernas  
10 am - 12 nn Micro/Para Lec (10:00-12:00nn) Gen. Path. Lec (10:00-11:30 AM) Gen. Path. Lab. Micro/Para Lec (10:00-12:00NN) Gen. Path. Lab. Clinical Pathology
  Microbial Diseases of the CNS Neoplasia 2 Immunity 2 Microbial Diseases of the CVS Immunity 3 Cardiac Panel
  2   Drs. Maramion,  1 Drs. Maramion,   
      Vergara, JP Padilla, Bernas,    Vergara, JP Padilla, Bernas,   
  Dr. Ancheta Dr. Bernas J. Ancheta, & Villaroya Dr. Maramion J. Ancheta, & Villaroya Dr. Bernas
1 pm - 3 pm Pharmacology Lec (1-2:30 pm) Research 2 Pharmacology Lec (1-2:30 pm) ASM 2 Lec ASM 2 Lab  
        Topic 8: Lecture and Demo:  Lab Practical Evals:  SDL
  Antineoplastic Drugs I Critical Appraisal of Diagnostic Antineoplastic Drugs II Examination of the Eye Examination of the Eye  Protected Time
     Studies     Except Fundoscopy  
  Dr. Galicia/Dr. Sermon Mr. Lindo Dr. Galicia/Dr. Sermon Dr. Edward Soriano/Dr. BJ Cordero All Preceptors  
3 pm - 5 pm     Neuroscience 2 (3:00-4:30 pm) Pharmacology Lab (3:00-5:00PM) Neuroscience 2 (3:00-4:30 pm)  
        Small Group Discussion on     
      Diseases of the Muscle Breast Cancer  Multiple Sclerosis &   
  SDL SDL   Drs. Tagle, G. Tupas, Sermon, other Inflammatory  SDL
  Protected Time Protected Time   De Guzman, Corporal, Robiso,  Demyelinating Disorders Protected Time
        Pizarro, Buhay, Platero, Quianzon    
      Dr. Floresca, Jr. Pastrana, & J. Remedios Dr. M. Anuta  
1. No rescheduling of classes; provide back up lecturer
2. Rescheduling of classes is not allowed unless approved by MEU Office
3. Class schedule may change without prior notice