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Home Administrators

DMSF Administrative Officers
Fr. Manuel B. Perez, SJ, MD
Oliver G. Victoriano, DBA
Chief Operations Officer
Victoria T. Lupase, RMT, PhD
Dean - Graduate School
Erwin Rommel N. Hontiveros, MD, MHPEd
Dean - College of Medicine
Marie Aimee Hyacinth V. BretaƱa, MD, FPPS
Asst. Dean - College of Medicine
Gary M. Batiller, DMD
Dean - College of Dentistry
Ethel S. Estorgio, DMD, MCH
Asst. Dean - College of Dentistry
Armi A. Go, RM, RN, MAN
Dean - College of Nursing
Roland B. Pagtolon-an, RM, RN, MAN
Dean - College of Midwifery
John Paul M. Banzon, RN, MHPEd, MSc
Dean - College of Biology
Josephine B. Alindajao, MPD
Executive Director - IPHC
Victor D. Espino, FPUA, FPCS
Medical Director - DMSF Hospital
Edna B. Parcon
Assistant for Hospital Operations
Jessa Mae C. Faisan, CPA
Finance Officer
Gloria G. Sempio
Director - Admin Support Services

Head of Offices  
Franklin E. Albarracin, CPA, MBA
Luz C. Broca, MSLIS
Danny S. Dionaldo, MPD
Human Resource Officer
Mr. Artemio Labunog
Health and Safety Officer
Charmalou A. Maranan, RMT
Laboratory Head
Maria Perpitita Socorro M. Mercader, MPD
Director - Alumni and External Relations
Liza del Norte, MPD
Student Affairs Officer
Engr. Darwin T. Santos
Maintenance Supervisor
Elizabeth R. Soriano, RN, MAN
Clinical Monitoring Officer
Genevieve D. Tupas, MD, FPPS, MMCE
Director - Research & Publication Office

Registrar Office

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