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Academic Programs - MHPEd


Professionals who are recruited as faculty members in the colleges of medicine, dentistry, nursing and other health professions have usually established their positions as practitioners in their respective fields. In most instances, these faculty members have had no formal training in the theory and practice of teaching and learning.

The Master in Health Professions Education (MHPEd) is offered by the Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. to help the faculty members of health professions acquire the strategies and tactics associated with the science of instruction to become competent teachers.

Although guided by the same principles as that in the Master in Teaching or the Master in Education programs, the MHPEd is unique in its application. This program is patterned after the MHPEd program of the National Teacher Training Center for the Health Professions of the University of the Philippines which was established in part by the Regional Teacher Training Center of the University of New South Wales, Australia.

General Program Objectives

1.To provide qualified health professionals with an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of educational practice;

2.To build on these theoretical foundations and introduce the students to the strategies most likely to be appropriate for teaching in the health professions;

3.To enable students to practice, under supervision, the teaching skills they have learned;

4.To expose participants to effective means of evaluating student learning; and

5.To enable participants to understand the administrative functions in a health profession education institution.

Course Description

HP 01 (2 units) - Teaching and Learning
(Theories of adult learning and their application)

HP02 (2 units) - Curriculum Planning and Development (Concepts of the curriculum and the curriculum field)

HP 03 (3 units) - Instructional Design (Analysis of learning needs and systemic approach to the development of instruction)

HP 04 (3 units) - Evaluation of Health Professions Education (A systematic and practical approach to the evaluation of health profession education programs)

HP 05 (2 units) - Practicum (Instruction laboratory- Videotaped sessions of actual student practicing teaching skills)

HP 06 (3 units) - Research Methods (Basic research techniques used in educational research)

HP 07 ( 2 units) - Organization and Management
(The organization and its management)

HP 08 (2 units) - Teaching Strategies (Instructional methods for teaching and learning situations)

HP 09 (2 units) - Clinical Teaching and Evaluation (Competencies and methods in teaching clinical skills)

HP 10 (3 units) - Evaluation of Student Learning
(Test construction analysis)

HP 11 (2 units ) Media in Teaching – Basic elements involved in communication and usefulness of the different types of media that can be used in teaching

HP 12 (2) - Medical Anthropology (The practice of medicine and allied health professions and that of medical education taking place within a social context)

HP 13 ( 2 units) - Creative Teaching (Innovative ideas that nurture students’ creativity in the health professions education classroom)

HP 14 (2 units) - Attitudes Assessment (Basic concepts, principles and theories on evaluation of attitudes)

HP 15 (2 units) - Public Health Education (Planning and implementing a community health education program)

HP 16 (2 units) - Community Development (Updates on development issues, trends and strategies in participatory development)

HP 17 (6 units) - Thesis

Course Schedule
Schedule of Enrollment:

First semester - Enrollment starts on the first week of April

Second semester - Enrollment starts on the first week of October

Schedule of classes:

Classes start on the first week of June. Sessions are held every Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or during weekdays from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

For further details, please contact :

Victoria T. Lupase, PhD
Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc.
Tel. No. (082)226-23-44 local 211
Fax No. 221-2617
Cell No. 0928-962-5485
E-mail address:

Ms. Melanie P. Joaquin

Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc.
Tel. No. (082)226-23-44 local 211
Fax No. 221-2617
Cell No. 0917-704-2458/0928-277-5411
E-mail address :


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