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Admission - Master in Community Health

Graduate School 
Admission Procedure
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1.) Biostatistics
2.) Epidemiology
3.) Community Organization
4.) Management of Change in a Health Care System
5.) Planning, Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating.
6.) Supervision and Delegation
7.) Human Behaviour in a Health Care Organization
8.) Value System in a Health Care Organization
9.) Maternal and Child Care Organization
10.) Environmental Health
11.) Public Health: Microbiology
12.) Public Health: Parasitology

1.) Resource Management
2.) Medical Sociology
3.) Community Mental Hygiene
4.) Public Health Education
5.) Traditional Medicine
6.) Occupational Health
7.) Forensic Medicine
8.) Clinical Update in Pediatrics, Medicine, Obstetrics and Surgery

The Participants
A candidate for the MCH program is eligible if he/she has the following qualifications:
1.) Filipino, 25-45 years old
2.) is a graduate in Medicine or a B.S. degree of an approved institution and has succesfully
passed the Board examination.
3.) has had adequate experience in practice, research or teaching in a field related to
community health; or may not have experience in public health and community medicine.

*Ten to fifteen participants are admitted for each batch on a first-come, first-served basis.

Application Procedures
The applicant should send a letter of application to the CERDH office. Upon receipt, the Center will immediately notify the interested applicant to fill out the MCH application form and submit it with the following requirements.

1.) Transcript of Records
2.) Curriculum Vitae;
3.) Endorsement letter from the Regional Director, or from the Executive Director if the
applicant is an NGO-CBHP physician/worker.
4.) Honorable dismissal.

*These basic requirements should be submitted at least two months before the start of the program. All participants will be notified if interviews are required. Those who are assigned in the rural areas will be informed through the DOH regional office.

Requirements of the Course
A candidate to be awarded the degree of Master in Community Health shall:
1.) succesfully complete the academic requirements of the course
2.) pass the oral/comprehensive examinations
3.) submit research projects in specific areas of interest.

For further details, please contact:

Ms. Victoria T. Lupase, Ph.D.
Director, IGSR
Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF)
Davao Medical Drive Bajada, Davao City
Tel Nos. (063)(082)226-2344 Loc. 211 ,

Ms. Melanie P. Joaquin
DMSF- CERDH Secretary
Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF)
Medical Drive Bajada, Davao City
Tel Nos. (063)(082)226-2344 Loc. 211


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