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(Current as of June 2003)

1. To help solve the problem of inadequate medical manpower in the rural areas particularly in Mindanao.

2. To give financial support to deserving medical students who otherwise would find difficulty if not improbability of going through the DMSF because of financial reasons.

3. To help in the development of a strong faculty line-up in the DMSF especially in the Basic Sciences.

Funding is made available by the Nellie Kellogg Van Schaick Foundation based in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Implementation of the program shall be through a Scholarship Committee constituted by the Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the Dean.

There shall be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) members with one to be designated as Chairperson.

The tenure of office of the Committee members shall be for a period of two years subject to reappointment. Appointment shall be made such that expiration of terms shall be on staggered basis.

The Scholarship Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
1. The Committee shall screen the applicants for the scholarship and determine the extent of financial support needed by each one of them which will serve as the basis for the budgetary proposal.

2. The Committee shall then submit its recommendation to the Dean for final approval. Any disagreement on the recommendation shall be communicated back to the Committee for reconsideration. In the event of unresolved disagreement between the committee and the Administration, the issue shall be elevated to the Board of Trustees for final resolution.

3. The Committee shall receive from administration a yearly financial statement of the scholarship fund for its guidance.

1. The candidate must have been accepted by the committee on admission and/or enrollment into the College of Medicine.

2. For those entering the first year class, the candidate must have an average of 85 of better or its equivalent during the preparatory BS Degree with NO grade below 80 except for the subjects not closely related to the Study of Medicine (ex. P.E.; ROTC).

3. For maintenance or renewal of scholarship, the following academic standing shall be required;

a. For the full scholars: average of 82 or better without a grade less than 78 in any subject during the immediate preceding year.

b. For the partial scholars: average of 80 or better with NO grade below 75 in any subject during the immediate preceding year.

c. Based on academic performance and or continuing financial needs, the committee may maintain the scholarship grant or upgrade it from partial to full or downgrade the same from full to partial, or even discontinue the scholarship grant. All scholars re re-evaluated yearly.

4. The candidate must commit to serve the rural area after completing their studies and passing the licensure exam.

5. The candidate must be physically fit and must be of good moral character.

6. The candidate must be in need of financial assistance.

7. The contracts under the Scholarships are renewed yearly subject to re-classification/re-qualification of current scholars.

a. Full Scholar: Full tuition and Miscellaneous Fees, Full Book Allowance with Board and Lodging Allowance.

He or she must serve in a rural area approved by the DMSF for period equivalent to the number of years enjoyed under the scholarship program.

b. Partial Scholar:
Category A – Full Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees, Full Book Allowance without Board and Lodging Allowance.

Category B – Full Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees, without Book Allowance
The same as those for the full scholar except that the scholar required to serve for a period equivalent to ¾ of the number of years enjoyed under the grant.

Category C – 50% of Tuition and Miscellaneous fees, Full Book Allowance, No Board and Lodging Allowance.

The same as those for the Partial Scholar Category A & B except that the scholar is required to serve for a period equivalent to ½ of the number of years enjoyed under the grant.

If for one reason or another, the scholar is unable to serve the terms of the contract, he/she is required to reimburse in lump sum the total amount enjoyed under the scholarship plus interest based on prevailing interest rate at the time the scholarship grant was enjoyed.

c. The student shall be obliged to attend school functions including those of the NKVS program to which he/she is asked to attend or participate.

d. After graduation and after qualifying for medical practice, the graduate shall be obliged to pay his loans from the NKVS Scholarship program through any of the following:

1. By showing proof to the school that he/she has served a rural community as a physician and/or as a member of the faculty or staff of any unit of DMSF provided it is approved beforehand by the DMSF upon recommendation of the Scholarship Committee. Length of service is dependent on the type of scholarship grant enjoyed as clarified in the rules and regulations governing the NKVS Scholarship Program. Such payment in the form of service must be rendered immediately after passing the Medical Board Examination. It is understood that any income derived for his/her service is solely his/her own.

2. Should he/she be unable to pay the loan in the form of service within the specified time, and without prior acceptable arrangement with school authorities, the students and or his parents or guarantor are obliged to refund the NKVS Scholarship fund the total amount of loan enjoyed plus interest based on current bank interest during the time of nonpayment of the loan. All legal expenses incurred in the collection process shall be charged against the account of the scholar.

e. Application for residency training in specialized medicine, (except for Family Medicine) or for training in a foreign country or immigration to a foreign country before payment of loan without prior approval of school authority is considered a violation of the agreement and therefore a cause for refund of the loan plus interest as defined in 4.B.

f. Graduates of the NKVS Scholarship loan program are obliged to give priority acceptance of service to “doctor less areas” in Mindanao under the Department of Health Program.

g. In case the scholarship is revoked by the scholarship committee or the student decides to withdraw from the school, all books issued to him/her under the scholarship program must be returned to the DMSF bookstore. No student who has enjoyed a scholarship loan shall be allowed to transfer to another medical school unless prior permission is attained. Otherwise he/she refunds the total value of the loan enjoyed, plus interest as defined in 4.B.

h. Postgraduate internship shall be undertaken in any of the three affiliated teaching hospitals of DMSF, namely: Davao Medical Center, San Pedro Hospital and Davao Doctors Hospital and soon at the DMSF General Hospital.


i. The candidate must submit a complete copy of his/her transcript of records.

ii. All candidates including the current scholars are required to submit income tax returns of their parents during the two (2) immediate preceding years and the latest BIR declaration of assets and liabilities.

iii. The candidate must submit a certification of good moral character from the head of his/her school, or from the parish priest or church minister.

iv. The candidate must submit a medical certification of physical fitness.

v. The candidate shall have personal interview with the scholarship committee.

vi. All data in the submitted documents or stated during the interview may be subject to verification and deliberation. Misdeclaration of facts shall be ground for outright rejection of the applicant and no appeals for reconsideration shall be entertained.

1. Submit application letter addressed to the Chairman of the Committee together with above documents to the secretary.

2. Fulfill the requirements for admission into any of the classes of the DMSF before the interview with the Scholarship Committee.

3. Attend the orientation for the applicants and their parents/guardian prior to interview.

4. Panel interview by Scholarship Committee.

5. Signing of Contract.

For yearly renewal, the scholar is expected to follow up his/her grades from mentors and submit them to the committee on time.


1. Application letter addressed to the Chairman of the Committee and submit to the secretary together with the basic documents stated in IV.

2. Applicant must have NO grade below 80 in any year level during high school with average of 85% during the final year. (If form 137 is not yet available, a certification from school registrar/class adviser can be submitted.)

3. Must take the Aptitude test given by the Guidance Office prior to scheduled interview with the Committee.

4. Attendance to the orientation for applicants and their parents/guardian.

5. Panel interview with the NKVS Scholarship Committee.

6. Fulfill the criteria for Admission to College/ University.

7. Signing of Contract.

The privileges are the same with those set for the medicine proper.

1. The NKVS Scholar who graduates from Pre-Med is obliged to proceed to Medicine Proper. If in case, he/she do not pursue/shifts to another course, a refund of the total amount spent by the scholarship will be collected.

2. To be able to remain in the scholarship, an average of at least 85% with NO grade below 80% in any subject must be maintained. The scholar must report to the Committee every semester.

3. In terms of post education responsibility the same as those set for Medicine proper will apply.

Scholarship Committee Members
SY 2010-2015

Meldi A. Anuta, M.D. Chairperson
Genevieve D. Tupas, M.D. Member
Floranne Margaret L. Vergara, M.D. Member
Reagan F. Cabahug, M.D. Member
Atty. Ma. Theresa Y. Panes, M.D. Member


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