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General Information

Welcome to the Library homepage of Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. The library serves as the center of information resources of the school. It holds a high-quality collection of print, non print, and electronic references which are useful, cost-effective, and efficient in meeting the needs of the users.

The DMSF Library adopts better systems and methods for retrieval and access of information. Also, it provides activities that promote informational resourcing.

Library Visitation

The new normal

1. Please wash or sanitize your hands before entering the library.

2. Please sign-in complete details in the logbook at the entrance.

3. Please maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters from others during your visit.

4. Please wear a face covering at all times (face mask and face shield).

5. Library visit is limited to 15 minutes only. Extended time is not allowed due to capacity restrictions.

6. Please leave returned books/materials at the BOOK CART near the OPAC station.

7. Message library Facebook page (@DMSFIlearningresourcecenter) or please call the library hotline (082) 298-7212 for reservation or to place materials/books on hold where will be available for pick up. Only after you have received a notification, then you can schedule an appointment time for pick up.


(082) 298-7212
Davao Medical School Foundation
Medical School Drive, Bajada, Davao City 8000

Library Usage

The new normal

For the study, research, and conferences, reservation is a must. For reservation details and visit guidelines, please call the librarian Ms. Luz Broca on these numbers (082) 298- 7212 or 0945 -1886- 969 or email The library will not accept walk-in students and faculty who failed to make the reservation.

“This service is not available at the moment.”

Library Rules and Regulations

Announcement: This time of pandemic library extends the due date of borrowed library materials. For details, please contact (082) 298-7212 or email

1. Always present your school ID upon entering the Library and when using library services and facilities. IDs are non – transferable.

2. Observe silence inside the library premises.

3. Extra bags should be deposited at the baggage counter before entering the library. Do not place your extra belongings on the chairs or tables, as these are provided only to those library users.

4. Students should not leave their valuables, such as cellphones, cash, etc., unattended. The library staff will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.

5. Tables are provided for reading and writing. Borrow books that are only needed and make sure these are not cluttered on the table.

6. Appropriate attire should be observed inside the Library. Wearing slippers, sandos, shorts, and other inappropriate clothing is not allowed.

7. Library users should observe cleanliness inside the library area. Make sure chairs are arranged and tables are free from study notes and books before leaving. Vandalism on tables, chairs, and on any other library properties is highly prohibited. Appropriate sanctions will be given to the violators.

8. Borrowed books should be taken care of. Lost books have to be replaced with the exact copy and/or with its latest edition. Replacement of books may be paid on a cash basis, equivalent to its latest edition price.

9. Any damage to the borrowed materials will be charged to the borrower.

10. Periodical materials, such as journals, magazines, and newspapers, are for library use only.

11. Books in the GENERAL CIRCULATION SECTION are for three days of use. They can be checked-out from the library anytime during library hours.

12. Borrowed materials can be renewed only twice, provided that the same material is not being reserved for borrowing by the other users.

13. Students are allowed to borrow five books at a maximum – two (2) from the Reserved Section and three (3) from the General Circulation Section.

14. Borrowed materials should be returned on time. Fines will be collected from the borrowers if they return the materials beyond their due dates and times. One Peso (1.00 Php) per hour on every reserved book borrowed; one peso (1.00 Php) per day on every circulation book borrowed, and twenty pesos (20.00 Php) per Audiovisual material borrowed.


Note: Library users violating such rules and regulations will be given first and second warning. After which, violators will be forfeited from borrowing library materials thereon.

Revised date: November 27, 2020

Library Services

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Assistance

A bibliographic information service which aims to help users to locate and retrieve library materials available inside the DMSFI Libraries.

How to Acces OPAC:

1.Input URL

2.Click link Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Library

3.Click Catalog

4.In the search box Input information

5.Use limiters below search box to filter results



Step 1. Fill-out the library registration form.


Step 2. Email us a copy of the following;

1. Enrolment Registration Certificate

2. School ID

3. 1×1 or 2×2 Picture


Join us to improve our library collection. Submit your reference request to add to the library collection.

Other Available Databases


Step 1: Make sure you have an active DMSF email.
Step 2: Click the link:
Step 3: Log in to your DMSF email to see Google Drive content.

Circulation Service (Book Borrowing Service)

Circulation service happen in an actual Service Desk, it is an act in which library personnel assists users in the lending and returning of library materials during all hours of library operation.

Book reservations and renewal could be made via telephone, email, text, or chat services with the librarian. Borrowers will show the approval message to the DMSF guard in order for them to be allowed to enter the school and the library as well, to pick up the materials being reserved.

Document Delivery Service

The document delivery service is a process where the limited pages of printed journal article, book chapters, and other printed resources are scanned and made ready for pick-up or sent electronically via email.

Ask a Librarian: Reference Service

 This service replies to users’ library and information inquiries. A service that can be served in face-to-face, telephone, email or instant messaging. The primary function of this service is to help users find sources and resources for their research. Also, gives alerts and follow-ups to users’ information research and study.

Individual & Group Library Instruction

Library Instruction and Orientation aims to teach library users how to locate the information they need quickly and effectively. It usually covers the introduction of materials available found in the library, services offered, guidelines, and policy in using library materials and facilities.

Library Assistance/Reference Service

In this service librarian assist users in searching sources and resources available inside the library.

DMSFI website & Library FB Page Information Updates

The library in-charge will attentively respond to user inquiries. And timely update feed with reliable information and instructions.

Inter-Library Use

If the resource you want to use is not available in DMSFI Libraries. Inter-Library Use Program allows you to use the facilities and resources of the schools’ members of the consortium, such as schools listed below. A letter of endorsement is available at the office of the Head Librarian.

Member Schools are:

Online Database Access Assistance

Library staff helps users in accessing available databases. Helps users in searching and filtering searches

Library Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

These terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) apply to your access of all the Digital Platform Account owned by Davao Medical School Foundation – Learning Resource Center. By accessing or using the account and any of the resources available. You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions.

 The Davao Medical School Foundation – Learning Resource Center owns the account and electronic resources you will be accessing. These electronic resources (e-resources) are complimentary of the printed copy available in the library. 

 At this time of the pandemic, the DMSFI-LRC would like to extend its service to help users access relevant and reliable resources for their research and studies. 


The DMSFI-LRC personnel is the ONLY person who is allowed to make changes to the account’s personal information and password. Anyone who caught modifying such information will be subject to discipline. Modification of such information will be considered stealing!

 From time-to-time, DMSFI-LRC may modify username and password to control usage. We will notify you of any changes OR You may email or message your librarian for the new username and password.


Student requires to be officially enrolled in the current semester to access the account.


Once you get the username and password, don’t reveal it to anyone else. You must take reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality and security of the Account, and you should immediately notify us of any access leakage of the Account.


Listed below is “terms and conditions” of all the digital platform that you must follow when accessing the DMSFI-LRC Account. 

1. Expert Consult

2. Student Consult

To request access, click here.

Revised date: June 22, 2020


ELSEVIER: Student Consult & Expert Consult Ebooks

How to access it?

1. Go to 

          Expert Consult

          Student Consult

2. Click Log in

3. Input Username & passwor


College of Medicine Textbooks

Books are available at:

C&E Publishing, Inc.
DUC Bldg, Sta. Ana Avenue,
Davao City
Telephone: (082) 225-0159
Mobile: 09959062784 / 09499989283

DMSF – Learning Resource Center Staff

Announcement: This time of pandemic library extends the due date of borrowed library materials. For details, please contact (082) 298-7212 or email

For the study, research, and conferences, reservation is a must. For reservation details and visit guidelines, please call the librarian Ms. Luz Broca on these numbers (082) 298- 7212 or 0945 -1886- 969 or email The library will not accept walk-in students and faculty who failed to make the reservation.

*This service is not available at the moment.”

Head Librarian

Luz C. Broca, RL, MSLIS

(082) 298-7212

College Librarian

Anna Christine C. Inocando, RL

(082) 298-7212