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Office of Student Affairs

Student Affairs and Service Programs 

The Office of Student Affairs supports the school’s mission by providing a set of student centered activities and services in support of academic instruction intended to facilitate holistic student development for active involvement in nation building. OSA assist and inspire students as they prepare for their future roles in a diverse, dynamic and global society and engage students along their transformational journey to develop self-confidence, a sense of purpose, resiliency and active citizenship.


  • Lead the campus in delivering purposeful programs and services that address the holistic development of the student;
  • Identify and respond to students’ needs with personalized student services;
  • Create and maintain a healthy and safe environment that supports and sustains recruitment, retention, and student success;
  • Cultivate positive relationships among students, faculty, staff, and the broader community;
  • Link academic and co-curricular learning experiences;
  • Establish high standards that promote civic responsibility and mutual accountability;
  • Foster an inclusive and diverse community where civility and respect for each individual are valued and expected.


Student Welfare Services

Information and Orientation Services

Guidance and Counseling Services

Career and Job Placement Services

Economic Enterprise Development

Student Handbook Development

Student Development Services

Student Activities

Student Organizations and Activities

Leadership Training

Student Council / Government

Student Discipline

Student Publication / Year Book

Institutional Student Programs and Services

Admission Services

Scholarships and Financial Assistance (SFA)

Food Services

Health Services

Safety & Security Services

Student Housing & Residential Services

Multi-faith Services

Foreign / International Student Services

Services for Students with Special Needs and Persons with Disabilities

Cultural Arts Programs

Social & Community Involvement Programs

Other Related Programs & Services

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