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Announcement for all DMSFI Local and International Alumni and Students

In response to Davao City Local Government Guidelines for COVID-19 Pandemic, the Davao Medical School Foundation Registrar’s Office would like to inform you that requesting of documents will be done through Online.

For inquiries, you may contact us through the following directories:

N – for College of Dentistry, College of Nursing, College of Midwifery, & College of Biology;

N - for International Medicine (IMD) Program; and

N - for College of Medicine (Local) and Graduate Programs

Finance Department

Step 2

Pay the total amount through over-the-counter or fund transfer on the ff. bank accounts:



Account Number: 1525-157-322

METROBANK – Suazo Branch


Account Number: 668-366-8017-771

UCPB – Palma Branch


Account Number: 2041-7000-5671

PNB – Obrero Branch


Account Number: 4001-1004-3151 (Peso Account)
Account Number: 4001-6004-3145 (Dollar Account)

Pay ONLINE through


Step 3

After paying, email us the copy of bank validated deposit slip/receipt with the date of transaction together with your filled-up request form.

Note: We will only process your request after the time your payment will be verified by DMSF’s Finance Department

Step 4

Lastly, a claim stub will be sent with details as to when the documents can be claimed.



For requesting and claiming of documents, other than the Owner, Authorization Letter and valid ID’s as attachments (for both owner and authorized representative) are needed.


For processing of CAV documents and/or claiming of DIPLOMA through authorized representative, Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is required.


Applying for Adding and Dropping of Subjects

Adding and dropping of subjects are only allowed within one (1) week after enrolment.


Dropping of subjects after one week of enrolment will mean paying the cost of the subjects for the whole semester

Students who will add/drop a subject should secure a PRN from their respective Dean’s Offices.
With the PRN, the student will proceed to the Registrar’s Office to secure in three (3) copies the adding/dropping form.
Student to seek approval from the Dean, OSA and Registrar

Submit the signed form to the Registrar’s Office, Deans Office and Finance.

Applying for Opening of Subject Offering

Opening of subjects are only allowed for the following reasons:

  • a) It is needed for a student who is graduating.
  • b) It is a pre-requisite of a subject a graduating student need to take in order to finish the course.
  • c) For a transferee who wants to have a regular status during a certain period.
The student will write a request letter address to the Dean to offer a subject due to reason/s stated above.
Upon approval, the Dean will write a letter to the Registrar requesting to open the subject/s requested.
The same letter will be submitted to the Finance Office to determine the cost /fee of offering the subject/s.
Once the fee is determined, and the student agrees to the cost, the approved letter will be brought to the Registrar’s Office for opening of subject/s in the SIS.

Applying for withdrawal from enrolment

Student to submit an explanation letter to the Dean his/her intention to withdraw. The letter has to sign both by the student and the parent.
Seek approval from the Dean
With the approved letter by the Dean, the student will secure a school clearance form from the Registrar’s Office.
The student to secure the signatures of the different offices in three copies.
Submit the signed form to the Registrar, Cashier and to the Dean’s Office

Note: Withdrawal has to be applied before midterm. Kindly refer to the student handbook for the specific schedule and implication of paying for school fees. Withdrawal applied before midterm will bear a “withdrawn” mark in the TOR, while withdrawal applied after midterm will have a ”failed” mark in the TOR.

Applying for Leave of Absence

(LOA – Leave of Absence or Temporary discontinue of Studies must not take more than Two consecutive years)
Student to submit a letter to the Dean for temporary discontinue of studies. The letter has to be signed also by the Parent.
Once approved by the Dean, the same letter has to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.
A clearance will have to be signed by the respective offices.

The approved letter and the clearance will be kept by the Registrar for record purposes and will be needed once the student applies for re-enrolment.

Student Clearance Slip (Exam Permit)

(All students must secure Clearance from the Registrar’s Office before Finals)
Students to secure two (2) copies of student clearance slip from the Registrar’s Office
Fill-in the clearance slip correctly
Have it signed as indicated
Follow the order in securing signature as indicated in the form
Proceed to the cashier for payment and for the issuance of exam permit.
Submit a copy of the student clearance slip to the Records-In-charge at the Registrar’s Office

Existing Student

Applying for Student Visa

The Office of the Registrar assists students in the process of acquiring their student visa, renewal of student visa, conversion and downgrading. The Registrar’s Office prepares all the necessary documents needed for the processes mentioned above.

A student who needs to process a student VISA need to come to the Registrar’s Office to request the needed documents after the FSU (Foreign Students Unit) reviews and assess the status of the student. Please click this link to know the steps in applying for student visa.

Please click this link to know the steps in applying for student visa.

Applying for documents needed for Medical Council of India (MCI)

A fourth year Indian Medical Student needs to submit documents to MCI in preparation for the board exam in India. Documents needed for MCI should be requested from the Registrar’s Office when students are in their 2nd semester in 4th year Medicine. The Registrar’s Office prepares the package of documents required by the MCI.

It usually takes five (5) working days for the documents to be processed and release after filling the said request.

Applying for Bank Loan/Educational Loan, Income Tax use, Reference copy or for Scholarship

Any foreign student who need documents for the purpose mentioned above need to request from the Registrar’s Office a Bonafide Certificate, these are for students whose stay with DMSF is more than a year and a Certificate of Enrolment for those whose stay at DMSF is still less than a year.

It takes three (3) working days for the documents to be process.

Applying for documents needed to travel back to home country

Any Foreign Student enrolled at DMSF who intends to travel back to his/her home country for whatever purpose need to secure from the Registrar’s Office a Travel Exit Clearance (TEC). This certification will be presented by the student to the Bureau of Immigration upon check in. It is advice that student should not book any ticket yet unless a TEC is secured.

A student who wishes to travel back to his home country need to secure an approval from the Office of the Dean on his/her plan to travel. The approved letter will be submitted to the Registrar’s Office as an attachment to the request for TEC.

Applying for Transfer/ Leaving for Good

A Foreign Student who intends to withdraw his/her enrolment at DMSFI needs to submit a letter to the Dean’s Office stating his intention and reason for leaving. Once the letter is approved, the student will bring the said letter to the Registrar’s Office to process his/her honorable dismissal.

A clearance need to be signed by all departments ensuring that the student is free of any liability from DMSFI. Only when the clearance is fully signed can the Registrar process the documents needed for the honourable dismissal.

Applying for certified copy of school documents

Any student who needs a certified copy of his/her school documents need to submit or bring the original copy. In the absence of the original copy, he/she can request such document, only then can a certified copy be produced. It usually takes five (5) working days to claim such request.

For those who would request a certified copy of their diploma, the original diploma has to be presented. Affidavit of loss is required for those whose diploma is lost.

Request of documents needed among graduating students

Applying for hospital intern-matching

Transcript of Records bearing the 1st year to third year grades and a class ranking is needed for the said application. The College of Medicine takes charge of the printing and submission of documents to APMC.

Applying for graduation

Only after the release of the promotions report from the office of the Dean can students start to process their application for graduation. Forms are available at the Registrar’s Office.

The graduating student needs to secure the signature of the other departments. Signed clearances are to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

Graduation documents of Foreign Students

The Registrar’s Office prepares a set of documents needed for the foreign graduating students as a requirement for board examinations. The set of documents are to be certified, authenticated and verified by CHED and to be apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). These will be sent to the Embassy for attestation.

Request of Documents from the Alumni

On Verification of Documents

DMSFI has been verifying request for verification from the following agencies: ECFMG, NCLEX, CGFNS, WES, HireRight etc. These are done electronically.

As a school policy, only those with attached signed consent are verified.

Applying for Certification, Verification and Authentication (CAV)

Each course requires different documents as attachment for CAV. It is advice that those who need to have their CAV will call or come to the Registrar’s Office to process the said request.

It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks for complete the whole process.

Applying for Papers for Board Examination

The Registrar’s Office prepares the set of needed documents for submission to the Professions Regulation Commission (PRC).

The signed application for graduation serves as the proof that the graduate is allowed to request for papers for board exam. Papers for board exam are only released to the graduates.

In instances of non-availability, a special power of attorney is required to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for the authorized person to claim the said documents.

Requesting for re-issuance of Diploma

The Diploma is issued only once and usually as part of the papers for board examination.

An affidavit of loss is required if the original copy is misplaced. Requesting for a certified true copy of diploma requires the submission of the original copy to the Registrar’s Office upon request.