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Research Services and Equipment



The DMSFI Research Center offers research assistance specifically statistical or data analysis to students faculty, staff and alumni.


  1. Use of Research Laboratory Facilities
  2. Use of Animal House
  3. Phytochemical Screening
  4. NatProd Antimicrobial Screening
  7. Microplate Reader
  8. AAS
  9. Realtime PCR
  10. Rotary Evaporator
  11. Spectrophotometer
  12. Moisture Analyzer
  13. pH Meter
  14. Muffle Furnace
  15. Ultrapure Water System
  16. Electronic Balance
  17. Biosafety Cabinet
  18. Centrifuge
  19. Drying Oven/Incubators
  20. Gel-Electrophoresis

Statistical Analysis

The DMSFI Research Center gives research assistance specifically in statistical or data analysis to students and faculty.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Review

The IACUC Committee of Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. is responsible for the oversight of animal care and use program and its components. To submit papers for IACUC review, please email together with a copy of summarized Introduction and Methods section of the research proposal and completely filled up IACUC Protocol Review Form. Please see attachment.

IACUC Protocol Review Form