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Scholarship’s 1st General Assembly

Nov 13, 2023

LOOK HERE || The 1st General Assembly of both DMSFI and Externally Funded Scholars last, November 12, 2023, spearheaded by the Scholarship Director, Dr. Agne S. Polinar, was a resounding success, with engaging parlor games that ignited camaraderie, brotherhood, and sisterhood among scholars. Laughter filled the air as bonds were strengthened, creating lasting memories. This event signifies more than just a gathering; it`s a celebration of our shared academic journey and the vibrant community we`ve built. Congratulations to the officers of FIRES and the staff, Mr. Jeff Ian Maglasang, Ms. Annalyn Dellera Estrada and Ms. Johanna Marie Orcajada. As we look forward, let the success of this assembly serve as a foundation for future gatherings.

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