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Tuition and Other Fees Consultation Meeting

Mar 6, 2024

On February 26, 2024, representatives from various departments gathered at DMSFI for a consultation regarding proposed adjustments to tuition and other fees. This was spearheaded by Dr. Oliver G. Victoriano, the Chief Operations Officer, and was attended by the Deans of the Colleges including Dr. Erwin Rommel Hontiveros and the Assistant Dean, Dr. Marie Aimee Hyacinth V. BretaƱa from the College of Medicine; Dr. Gary M. Batiller with Assistant Dean Ethel S. Estorgio from the College of Dentistry; Ms. Visminda B. Batoy, RN, COHN, MN from the College of Nursing; Mr. Roland B. Pagtolon-an, RM, RN, MAN from the College of Midwifery; and Mr. John Paul M. Banzon, RN, MHPEd, MSc from the College of Biology. The meeting facilitated an open dialogue about the potential changes, alongside representatives from different College year levels and Buklod Medisina, and took place in the Consultation Room, OSCE Building.

Dr. Victoriano initiated the discussion by emphasizing the importance of considering diverse viewpoints and feedback from the community. He stressed the need for a careful and transparent approach to decision-making, ensuring that the best interests of DMSFI were upheld. Ms. Jessa Faisan, the Finance Officer, presented the financial aspects of the proposed adjustments, outlining the rationale behind the need for change. She highlighted factors such as rising operational costs and the desire to improve infrastructure and support of faculty members. Ms. Faisan also provided insights into how the proposed increase would be allocated, with a significant portion earmarked for faculty and staff salaries. The conversation then shifted towards the proposed master plan for campus improvements, including the Ulas Property Enhancement. While there was enthusiasm for enhancing the campus environment, there were also discussions about ensuring that any changes remained inclusive and accessible to all students. Throughout the consultation, representatives from different departments shared their perspectives and concerns, contributing to a well-rounded discussion. Dr. Victoriano reiterated the institution’s commitment to fairness and accountability, pledging to consider all feedback before making any final decisions.

As the meeting progressed, several students’ questions and concerns were addressed: fourth floor canteen improvement: The need for improvements to the 4th-floor canteen was acknowledged, with plans to address this aspect of campus life as part of ongoing enhancement initiatives. Additional classrooms and increased Wi-Fi connections in the College of Nursing: It was clarified that plans were in place to add more classrooms and improve Wi-Fi connectivity to support students’ learning needs in the College of Nursing. Adequate facilities for dental students: Dr. Gary Batiller addressed the need for more dental chairs for clinicians, noting that additional chairs had been ordered to meet demand. Plans for the acquisition of 20 simulators were proposed, pending budget approval. Implementation of the Student Information System (SIS): It was announced that the implementation of the SIS would proceed as scheduled, with plans for deployment in August to streamline administrative processes and enhance student experience. These student concerns underscored the importance of addressing practical needs alongside financial considerations, ensuring that the proposed changes would positively impact all aspects of DMSFI campus life. The collaborative spirit of the consultation highlighted DMSFI’s commitment to fostering an environment where student voices were valued and actively considered in decision-making processes.