A Prospective Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Trial of the Effect of Centella asiatica Cream and Silver Sulfadiazine on Acute Superficial Wounds of Patients at Southern Philippines Medical Center - The Official Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Website


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Charlie A. Clarion, RMT, Shayne Baquirel, Rn, Christian John Fernandez, RN John Arthur Magno, Mary Kamille Monfort, RN, Karl Wayne Nuñez, RN, Marianne Rana Santiago, RN, Michelle Stephanie Sevilleno, RMT, Patrick Jason Tuason, Gichelle Grace Villaflor, Frank Dean James Yap, Ryan Lonzaga, MD, Melinda C. Tagle, MD, Eva. C. San Juan, PhD, Genevieve D. Tupas, MD, and Herminigilda Nartatez, MD


Centella asiatica, acute superficial wounds, bacterial colony count reduction, wound area reduction


Treatment by Centella asiatica cream on acute superficial wounds was compared with the effect of silver sulfadiazine, the standard drug used by Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) for treatment of superficial wounds. Twenty in-patients at SPMC participated in this double-blind controlled trial, randomly distributed into experimental group (Centella asiatica cream + NSS, n=10) and control group (Silver Sulfadiazine + NSS, n=10). Baseline and post-treatment measures were obtained for bacterial colony count and wound area. Results showed no significant difference of mean bacterial colony count reduction between the experimental and controlled groups (p=) and no significant difference of mean wound area reduction between the two groups (p=0.49). No local and systemic side effects were also noted on the two groups. This initial small-scale study suggests that Centella asiatica has a potential favorable effect on acute superficial wounds comparable to that of silver sulfadiazine. Further testing on a bigger sample is recommended.