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Blood Lead Levels Among Welders in Davao City 
Aponesto, P. A. B., Tupas, G. D., MD, MMCE, Boiser, A. L. B., Cruz, A. M. Q., Denura, L. G. D., Gacayan, I. D., Guiani, A. A. A., Madjani, O. H., Pahayac, K. J. A., Puentespina, M. L. T., Reyes, F. T. M., Tan, A. L. Y., and Verzosa, A. B.

Where Are They Now? A Tracer Study of the Medical Graduates of Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. (1981 – 2000)
Rodriguez-Ababon, F. N., MD, FPOGS, MHPEd

The Effect of ED90 Dose of Calabash (Crescentia cujete) Decoction on Blood Sugar Levels of Pre-Diabetic Individuals
Rañeses, G. M. M., Tupas, G. D., MD, MMCE, Guariño, D. V., Martinez, C., Marundan, J. A., Mascardo, K., Melanio, A., Meling, R. K., Mendez, M., Monteverde, K. A., and Montojo, M. D.

Community Immersion Program of the Davao Medical School Foundation College of Dentistry: Program History, Processes, and Stakeholders’ Views and Experiences
Estorgio, E. S., DMD, MCH

Complete Blood Count, Potassium and Sodium Levels of Stored Whole Blood in A Local Blood Bank in Davao City
Yap, J. C., Nobleza, G. G., MD, Aquino, M. A. M., Ching, J. F. I., Elevazo, J. F., Fong, L. H. O., Leyva, E. L. G., Monday, J. M. P., Pasaylo, R. R. I., Sepulveda, M. B., Roldan, I. R., Tinagan, J. F. F., and Wong, J. P.


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