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Blood Lead Levels Among Welders in Davao City


Aponesto, P. A. B., Tupas, G. D., MD, MMCE, Boiser, A. L. B., Cruz, A. M. Q., Denura, L. G. D., Gacayan, I. D., Guiani, A. A. A., Madjani, O. H., Pahayac, K. J. A., Puentespina, M. L. T., Reyes, F. T. M., Tan, A. L. Y., and Verzosa, A. B.


Physiology, Lead, Blood Lead Levels, Lead Toxicity, Welders, Toxicity Categories, Davao City


Lead toxicity remains to be a significant public health problem particularly in developing countries like the Philippines. Among welders, lead toxicity can be acquired through inhaltaion. To date, no local study on blood lead levels among welders has been published. This study sought to determine the blood lead levels of thirty volunteer male welders aged 18 to 49 yeaars old from two contruction firms in Davao City. By means of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS), serum blood lead levels (BLL) were determined for toxicity categorized into mild, moderate, and severe. Results reveal that sixteen (53.33%) showed detectable lead levels in their blood ranging from 4.52ug/dL to 93.44ug/dL, with seven of them having severe blood lead levels between 42.73ug/dL to 93.44ug/dl. These were higher than the recommended level set by OSHA at 40ug/dl. However, no significant relationship was found between BLL and work duration as welder.