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The Badjao Concepts of Health and Health Service Utilization
Jessievilita C. Fabian, MD, MCH

Acute Toxicity Dose in Mice, Approximate Effective Dose, Effective Dose (ED50) and Bioassary of Calabash (Cresenctia cujete) Fruit Decoction as a Hypoglycemic Agent in Alloxan-induced Hyperglycemic Rabbits
Sittie Jebrailyn S. Amilhasan, Muhammad Razul Abdullah, Rechie Mae C. Abear, Sittie Soriena D. Kundo, Chris Dy, John Edward C. Padisio, Michael Jan Pimentel, Haris Rashi, Rus Cyan Josef E. Rodelas, Rodessa, Charcey Tabunda, Ruth Kristine Tan, Genevieve D. Tupas, MD, Melinda C. Tagle, MD, Eva. C. San Juan, PhD, and Herminigilda B. Nartatez, MD

Doctor-Patient Relationship: How Do Patients Perceive It?
Sheila Marie Quiachon-Hernandez, MD, FPCP, MHPEd

Acute Toxicity Dose of Chayote (Sechium edule) Leaf Extract in Mice and Effective Dose (ED50­) in Lowering Serum Uric Acid Level in Pyrazinamide-Induced Hyperuricemia in Rabbits
Francis Gerwin U. Jalipa, Leonardo M. Aya-ay, Jr. Cyril James T. Bual, Kay Kashmyra T. Chio, Sudarshan M. Gherade, Vanessa C. Layug, Leslie Love A. Moral, Herminigilda Nartatez, MD, Darleen A. Occeña, Krishan Mir A. Quico, Ma. Eva C. San Juan, PhD, Kevin Christopher R. Sunga, Melinda C. Tagle, MD, Genevieve D. Tupas, MD, and Amanda K. Wonosantoso

A Prospective Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Trial of the Effect of Centella asiatica Cream and Silver Sulfadiazine on Acute Superficial Wounds of Patients at Southern Philippines Medical Center
Charlie A. Clarion, RMT, Shayne Baquirel, Rn, Christian John Fernandez, RN John Arthur Magno, Mary Kamille Monfort, RN, Karl Wayne Nuñez, RN, Marianne Rana Santiago, RN, Michelle Stephanie Sevilleno, RMT, Patrick Jason Tuason, Gichelle Grace Villaflor, Frank Dean James Yap, Ryan Lonzaga, MD, Melinda C. Tagle, MD, Eva. C. San Juan, PhD, Genevieve D. Tupas, MD, and Herminigilda Nartatez, MD


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